New Allio - metal dust in drum

I just got a new Bullet, which I’m super excited about. When I reached my hand in the door to see if the drum spun the way it was supposed to, I noticed some black dust on my hand (presumably metal dust).

Do I need to clean the drum before I use the Bullet, or is this normal and the seasoning roasts will remove this metal dust?

You need to do your seasoning roasts to remove all the residue from the manufacturing process. That’s why they say to roast very dark and oily then toss the beans. Once you complete the seasoning process you should be good to go.

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What Wayne said- it’s why you’re seasoning. Should be fine.

My experience (1/2019) was that it takes more roasts to season the drum than the minimum Aillio suggested at that time. The process they recommend now seems to leave users with the drum ready.