New Beta Firmware 405 - more quiet roasting


Just kidding, the password does work… User error on my part! After typing in the password, go back up and hit the "update firmware button. I kept clicking the “check for beta firmware” button haha.


Does anyone know the password for FW 421?


Agreed, it has been months. Can we please have a new firmware or, for those who are willing to try, a current password for the beta firmware?


So I was sent the password for v421, but now the latest beta version is v427…

How can I get a version later than v397…? V397 doesn’t allow for preheat over 200, and also does not have the quieter operation.




Please try the beta 427, password is: improvements


Thanks Jacob!!

Installed with no problems. Ran a pre-heat with no issues. Will roast later this weekend and report any issues.



Dear Jacob,
I’ve just updated my Bullet to v427, but it seem that the machine didn’t connect to my computer anymore ( keep staying at the “offline” mode)
Is there any chance to get my Bullet to the previous firmware version



Oops, I reinstalled the USB driver , and it successfully connected !!


Dear Jacob:
I update my Bullet to v427 ,but I can’t heard the volume , but I already press F1 for the menu, then press the top left button to 501~504,it’s still didn’t work


I am aware of it and I have just released 428 which should give you back the sounds


Dear Jacob:
Thanks my volume back