New Beta Firmware 405 - more quiet roasting

We are excited to have a new beta firmware that makes the Bullet R1 more quiet!

In this new version, the cooling fans for the electronics are being adjusted with a PID controller which under light use runs the fans at a lower RPM, making the Bullet more quiet.

Also, if you are still on an older firmware, we are now testing a new preheat setting of 205 Deg C, but remember to clean the IR glass to prevent overheating.
In addition to this, you can now change the volume of the lady talking to you - press F1 for the menu, then press the top left button.

To update your firmware to V428, please use RoasTime and the password: improvements
Should you experience any issues, please report them here or to Aillio support on facebook or email.

Happy quiet roasting.



Giving it a go. Thanks for sharing. Curious what the new IR algo is intended to do? Assuming it will avoid unnecessary errors after cleaning?

I’ve downloaded and looking forward to trying it out. Am I correct that the sound of the Bullet’s voice is lower volume with this update?

Also, has the playback using temperature instead of time marks been implemented yet?

Any chance that it will be possible to have an alert when a desired development is reached?

It should be better at warning for the high pre-heat settings, but we are still testing and improving it.

The temperature control in playback has been enabled since RoasTime - this is more of a windows software feature and not dependent on the firmware.
Alert on reached development is a good idea. I will put in on the features list.

Thanks Jacob. I haven’t seen how to activate the playback to temp instead of time. Can you advise?

  1. Choose your profile, then click “Edit Actions”.
  2. In the right pane, you press the plus sign to add a new temperature action.
  3. Now you can adjust at what temperature you want the change to happen at, and what you want to change (Power, Fan, Drum).
  4. Press “Save” and run this profile as a playback.


@Jacob: Proud of that password :wink:


Thanks Jacob. Got it. I’ll give it a try next Roast.

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Just ran 7 back to back roasts with the new firmware with no issues. It was great to have a quieter roast!


Think i have to run some batch in the coming weekend and see this my self :smiley:

Happy to hear that!

It is definitely quieter!

Being my first foray in to the world of Windows I feel any issues I’ve had with the software has been more issues with Windows than the Roast Time software. IMHO.

Worked great for me! Two roasts back to back, and I appreciated the demure request to “charge.”

I did my first roasting session with the beta firmware last week and encountered two issues.

  1. I was following an earlier profile, and found that the roaster was consistenly lagging in temperature. Even after a few back to back roasts I couldn’t match the previous curve, despite preheating to the same temp.

  2. A sine-wave oscillation appeared on the drum temperature (?) graph that I’ve never seen before. The amplitude started small but steadily grew as the roast progressed. I’ll include a screenshot once I figure out how.

Unfortunately I also just did a thorough cleaning before this session, so it’s hard to know which was the cause for sure. But anyone else see anything like this?

(I do like the volume control, it was nice to finally take that piece of tape off the speaker!)

There are many factors that could influence the playback not being exactly the same.

  1. ambient temp
  2. mains voltage (fluctuates during the day) and will change the power output a little bit
  3. wind - if placed outside
  4. cleanliness of IR glass and also the chaff filter.

About the sine oscillation of the drum temperature this is explained in the manual, and is not a problem.


All of those variables (except slightly ambient temp) are unchanged - I think something else may be up with my roaster. I’ll email support.

Whats the password for FW 415? steffensupdate3 does not work.


I second @logotype, steffensupdate3 didn’t work for me either!

I see that the most recent update is 421. Is there a password for this?