🎉 New Feature: Roast World public profile now shows up on your community profile

Hi Everyone,

To improve the integration between Roast World and Roast World Community we have set up certain public profile information to be synced from Roast World to this site.

After you re-login into Roast World Community, your RW’s profile’s Equipment, Experience, Favorite Vendor, and Favorite Bean information is now shown on your community’s profile :tada:

Cool, works good!

Hi, I noticed that my community profile “username” didn’t update, it’s still showing “coffee_75af74_09e90” I had created a community profile first that used “BlackLabs” but there was a bug in the roast.world side where the display name there couldn’t be editted. Now that side is resolved but somehow it pushed out the old display name from roast.world to the community. Seems like SSO isn’t syncing properly? I logged in and out of both sites a couple times trying to get it to sync after I had updated my profile on roast.world.


If you recently signed up, you aren’t really allowed to edit username. I think you might have set your display name as BlackLabs so that’s why it’s not synching. I went ahead and set your username to be blacklabs so if you now sign out and then sign back in, you should see the change appear.

I’m working on enabling username edits and this should be available tomorrow or Wednesday.

Thanks @derrxb - looks ok now. Cheers.