New Firmware V500 released

The new firmware now shows the time after first crack in the clock display after pressing F1 to mark first crack. It will switch back and forth between total time and time after FC.

It can be downloaded through RoasTime 2 as beta firmware and is compatible with all Bullets V1 and V1.5

Let me know of any issues.


can we downgrade to FW475 again if we don’t like it?

Great just did it to late to roast, but I see that it kept the PH Temp. 300°C no more changing hopefully

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Hi Kurt, I am not sure what you mean about the preheat of 300°C ?
And yes you can downgrade to V475 if you like.

I updated to 500 but for some reason RoasTime shows is as a different version number:

Annotation%202019-03-21%20225907 Annotation%202019-03-21%20225927 Annotation%202019-03-21%20225945

Looks very strange. Your serial number is also not correct.
What version of RT are you using?

I think its 2.2.0:

and nearly 44t roast, how did you that? 24hrs 3 employees nonstop roasting:rofl:

Hi Jacob

well I am not sure but think that before we had at least me, after every restart to REset PH form 160C to desired PH in my case 300C. It was not saving it. After update check night I realised , that it shows PH 300 without doing anything.

Other test now, NEW you can PH to 310°C!

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Yes, well I’m glad I fixed that problem. The higher preheat should be welcome when roasting larger batches.

Great so larger batches what would you say is the drums volume capacity? Read somewhere recon batches 60%, some say 80% of drum volume.

R1 read a 1kg Roaster. How is R1 calculated?

same problem as joshua.armour.

after first try
fw fw2

after second try


I can’t click Beta Release. not working.

I just accidentally clicked the “Update” menu option and downloaded RT 2.2.0 and have the same type of incorrect info under the Error Log window as joshua.armour… My Firmware is 475. I can’t see how to downgrade back to 2.0.8.

All the data is correct now. All I did was one roast (and close and reopen the software and power down and back up the R1). Everything seemed to work fine.

Please try to update to RoasTime 2.2.0 beta

The drum is 5.8 liters.
We said it’s a 1kg roaster because you can roast 1kg in a reasonable time. I guess we could also have called it a 1.2kg roaster :slightly_smiling_face:

if 60% possible that would be 1.75KG (5,8lt,60%, /2)if you double volume size of coffee after roasting. Maybe it could handle that. For sure I’m going to use now 1.2 kg since it the same work for 800 gr/1kg.

I updated to V500 on My Bullet V1.5.
Before this update I was able to preheat to 280C and then simply ignore Charge mode for 30 min., step down to 250C wait another 10 min, charge and automatically go into roast-mode.
(This was the routine for my first roast of the day to heat soak the drum)

After the update to V500 my bullet preheats in the same way , but about 10min. after announcing charge will automatically enter roast mode, which makes my preheating routine impossible.

What am I missing and what is the procedure to convert back to the previous FW version.


Since, during pre-heat, the IBTS is reading the actual temp of the drum, I don’t think you need the “heat soak, then reduce temp” routine.

In the past, the idea of that routine was to allow the temp to equalize. Given the inherent lag in your old-style thermocouples and the problems with their positioning, maybe that was a good idea. (It was certainly defensible.) But, with the IBTS, there is no lag to account for. When it says 250C, it’s really at 250C. If that’s the temp you want, start roasting!

Thanks for the advice.
What I still don’t understand though, is why my Bullet goes into this “auto roast” mode without any greens added.

After entering this “un commanded” roast cycle it will reach the A02 temp trigger relatively fast and consequently shutdown if unattended.

I know this is a built in safety feature, but complicates my warmup phase since I do not really know when it will trigger “autoroast”

Essentially I cannot disregard the charge command anymore for longer than 10 min, otherwise it will roast, greens or not and shutdown if I overhear the A02 beep.

It’s a little like dealing with HAL 9000s little brother.
Other than that it works perfectly!

I think the transition from “charge” to “roast” is triggered by a certain amount of temperature drop. I wonder if the temperature decline that you’ve commanded is being misinterpreted by the Bullet as the drop from beans being charged.

My guess is that you can set the preheat for 250C, and that it will happily sit at 250 nearly indefinitely (possibly subject to the dead-man button press requirement). Of course, there’s no real benefit to waiting, given that the IBTS is showing an actual surface temperature of the drum, rather than a crude guess, based on a thermocouple sitting in air above the surface.