New Power, Fan, Drum scaling, settings


Someone has most likely already stated this but I can’t find any references, I have a V1.5 110V Bullet. When I started roasting I believe that the Power, Fan and Drum settings were all 1-9. I am now using Firmware 515 with a celebrated fan and RT 2.5. I noticed than Power option is now 1-10, the possible fan settings have even more selections. I have not looked at the Drum settings. I know that the fan settings are now calibrated but can someone explain what the Power 1-10 now means relative to the old Power 1-9 settings?


If you use the Bullet’s physical control panel, what is the maximum setpoint you can archive by using the buttons?
I think by using the buttons in RT you might get it to P10 but it has no influence on the actual power.


Damn, I was hoping it went to 11 :wink: