New Roast Recorder for Debugging in 2.0.7

Hello all,

Some of you have been experiencing persistent software bugs (profile freezes and problems syncing to Roast.World) which we have been unable to duplicate ourselves. Obviously that makes troubleshooting very difficult.

With that in mind, the newly released RoasTime 2.0.7 BETA (available now for Mac, for Windows next week) includes a special debug mode which you can opt-in to. It will record your roasts and automatically upload the video with the accompanying debug files so our support staff can see exactly what is going on and why.

Because this is a Beta, we do not recommend users who do not have issues with the current version to download it.

These files will be tagged with your user id, so if asking for support on a particular issue, please be sure to provide us with your user name.

The quickest way to get support, as always, is to email us directly at [email protected]

Thanks everyone.

– Aillio


can beans be imported?

I can import windows profiles to mac version, however I did not find how to import beans

Beans are tracked in Roast World, not in Roast Time, so no need to import beans.


no mine are in windows roast time at least what I think, and since mac version should be better I want to use mac.

I have used both. As a matter of fact, I just completed my first 3 roasts on RT2 for Mac today. RT1 for windows did not store bean inventory. RT2 for windows used beans stored on RW. RT2 for Mac uses the same bean inventory on RW that RT2 for windows uses.

and where did the RT1 for windows did store bean inventory? It should be somewhere, when saving new roasts beans had to be selected/chosen.

I did not install RT2 on windows, did not like the color layout still don’t like it RT1 was 2 cleaner design for my taste and read that RT2 made troubles.
Can you go back to RT1 if RT2 on windows it satisfying for you?

Hi Kurt,
I don’t think that importing the beans from RT1 will be possible to do as the way the whole beans handling is done has changed. In RT2 we will also make a real inventory feature, so you will be able to track what you bought, what you roasted and what you have left…
There is a way to make RT less purple if that is not your color.
RT1 will be phased out and at some point not be compatible with newer firmware versions.

RT1 only stores a bean list. There was no way to track inventory.

RW has the ability to track inventory, that adjusts automatically when you roast and choose a bean.

Hi Jacob still on left side and bottom pope color, Are you involved or work for the Vatican ?

Less is more, the 1st windows version was nicer cleaner better

Has version 2.0.7 yet been released for Windows?


Yeah, it has. You can download from the release log.

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Hi Matthew,
I downloaded version2.07, and allowed use of log files. Then tried to update the firmware with the same result: sticking at 0%.
I hope you received the log files and that they help to find the bug.

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I too just downloaded 2.07 and attempted he firmware update - stuck at 0% again.

I also noticed in 2.07 that my bean names in Roast history have all reset to “Unknown”

Both Windows Defender and my third party antivirus (Bitdefender) had to be configured to allow the Windows 2.0.7 update but it worked flawlessly otherwise.

Hey Peter,

I did get your logs, thanks!