New Roaster Display will not show after attempting firmware update

I plugged in my new roaster after unboxing, the display lit up and everything seems to work. After downloading RoasTime and trying to update the firmware it will no longer show the display and the fan stays on. When I plug it in it beeps 4 times then the fan kicks on and stays on. I have plugged and unplugged several times now unsure of what to do. I am using RoasTime v3.2.5 on a Mac.

Sounds like the Bullet is in bootloader mode.

Try running firmware update again (ignore status of not connected) bear in mind it can take a few minutes for the progress bar to move from 1% so be patient.

If that’s not fixing it, you may need to follow these steps to manually reset boot loader mode


Sweet thank you, that seemed to work! I am back online ha.

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Good deal. It’s tempting to think it’s hung because of the delay and try a do over which leaves the roaster in bootloader and you think because it says “disconnected “ that you can’t reflash.