New to the Roaster

As the title states, I’m new to my roaster. I have the V2 and I transitioned from a gene cafe. I used to roast my coffee at 482F. I noticed the bullet really only has power levels P0-P9. Is there anywhere that says how many degrees each power level typically sits at? (like P7= such and such celsius/farenheit)

The P(x) settings set power only. There is no temperature control in the Bullet except during Preheat. During Preheat the IBTS measures the temperature of the empty drum before charging with the greens.

The Pre-heat temp is a firmware setting (check the on-line manual) and can also be selected in a Recipe (one of the settable pre-conditions for a Recipe). Setting resolution is in increments of 9F°/5C°.

Roast management is handled using Power, Fan and Drum speed to steer IBTS & Bean Temp. Look at a few roasts of other Users here to get a feel for how the roast is controlled. I just did that to see the Seasoning roasts you did by going to my dashboard → Users → enter your User name in the search field ( stang_stallionioig ) and the roast profiles popped up in a list. Easy… give it a try!

Also I recall that Aillio has some new-owner info for roasting on their site under Support.


Congrats on your new roaster! As Bruce suggests, read the manual to familiarize yourself with everything.

Look at the first roast guide for initial guidance on how to set up and run your roasts. The UI is a little different now but the info on how to choose PH temperature and power levels is still solid.

The manual also has a nice table with recommended settings that’s quite useful for new Bullet users. Helped me a lot to get through my first roasts without botching my beans :slight_smile:
But yeah, read the manual, it’s not long. It has very useful info, especially regarding venting and maintenance.