New User.... a little help please to save a roast

I have done a quick look around on the community, and cannot find an answer to my question. I have had the Bullet for a few days now, and have done 4 seasoning roasts, and three personal roasts. So far so good. It is a wonderful machine. Quite a step up from the Behmor. I even created a recipe, and downloaded two recipes. When I am on RoastWorld, and go to “My roasts” under “Roasts”, there are three selections that populate: “Original Roasts”, “Saved Roasts”, and “Comments”. I can see all my roasts under “Original Roasts”, but there is nothing under “Saved Roasts” as it says ‘You haven’t saved any roast profiles yet.’

I have searched the RoastTime program and see no option to save a roast, and I do not see an option to save a roast on RoastWorld. Firmware and software are up to date, and I am on a Mac.

What am I missing? Or what am I doing wrong? Thank you.


I’ll try to get an answer for you but in the mean time (in case this is the underlying concern) let me mention that all Roasts are auto saved on the local computer (Mac or Win10/11) and on the server. Same for Recipes as well as your configuration data.

I have no clue what Saved Roasts means since all Roasts are auto-saved at the end of the roast: when you press the PRS button at the end, that’s when the save process begins (there’s some clean-up that has to be done to create the data file and save it locally). The Save to the server happens at any time convenient to RT & Roast.World… you aren’t immediately involved. You do have to be connected to the internet for Sync to work between your computer & the Roast.World servers. I have over 800 Roasts and there are no entries in Saved Roasts, but all my roasts are saved both locally and on the server.


Saved roasts is populated when you save another user’s roast profile.

Thank you for your reply…it helps.

Thanks blacklabs, I understand now. I tried saving a profile from another user, and it works as you say. Good to know. cheers.