Newbie Help?

There’s an old thread that hasn’t been commented on for almost 3 years, so I’m going to start another here. I’m a new Bullet owner. There are basic things that are confusing to me in Roast World. I understand the section for storing bean information. I’m not clear on the next 2 sections - one starting with a ‘laughing mouth’ icon and the next with a ‘List” icon. Both have searches - “Discover Roasts” vs “Discover Recipes”, and one has “My Roasts” and “Stashed Roasts: while the other has “ “Your Recipes” and “Stashed Recipes”. One goal, I guess, is to find recipes that others have done, stash them, and then run them straight, with overlay, etc., and then save what I’ve run as one of my recipes. Help! If any Bullet users are in the San Jose, CA area and would be willing to talk to me, please let me know, or respond on-line. Thanks.

you must me talking about these options in RW

“stashed roasts” are other people’s actual roast profiles that you have saved/stashed that you can also use in an overlay and perhaps even create a recipe from it

“stashed recipe” are other people’s recipe that they have publicly shared that you can run as a recipe

Your own roasting session graphs/profiles are in “original roasts” of the “My Roasts” menu.

I don’t use overlay and recipe features, but the above is my understanding of the features.

Update: getting there. Confirmation requested - the difference between recipes and roasts?

A Roast as displayed in RoasTime and on Roast World is the Profile that is the result of steps taken during a Roast. Temperature changes in relation to time and other considerations.

A recipe is a series of conditional steps that will deifne how a roast is
You build a Recipe that will change roasting parameters based upon the temperature reported by the IBTS (Infrared Bean Temp Sensor ) or the Bean Temp Sensor, or a time.

As an example You could specify that when the temperature for the IBTS reaches 335F then the Bullet should change to Power level 8
You can also specify whether to use the Bean Temp sensor, or add a time interval into the ladder logic. You can also specify a time variable as well as notifications like:“Drop temp reached,Time to end roast”
Here is a screen snagit of one of my Recipes

For this recipe, I have all of the times set the same (to .05 minutes). I am thereby forcing the Recipe to only use the Temperature reported by the IBTS and ignore how long it takes to get there.

I typically have Recipes for specific beans that have characteristics that I want to bring out by changing the Power and Fan settings at specific temps or times.
I might also have a similar Recipe that has a higher Pre-heat value for a larger batch size.

Another way of duplicating a Roast (yours or Someone elses stashed roast) is to use the Playback feature. You can access the playback feature by clicking on the 3 dots and selecting Playback In RoasTime.

RoasTime will then try to duplicate the steps that you or the person that did that roast used to roast those beans.

An Overlay is the graph of the roast that will dislpay on the active roast page so that you can see how the roast that you are doing now compares to the roast that you selected the overlay from and make adjustments to the roast as it progresses. You might be in a colder room and need more heat, or your beans have more moisture in them and are roasting slower and first crack is not where you want it to occur.

You can also take an existing Roast, (Yours or a Stashed Rost and convert it to a Recipe)

i personally prefer Recipes as they are easier to modify and get them to do what I want. Also, I can clean thep up and remove extra steps.