Newbie: Starting (automated?) roast

Hi All. Can use some very newbie advice. I’ve now done three seasoning roasts, and yesterday did my first regular roast. I’ve played with recipes, and was able to create and save one. But the most basic question, I suppose is, how do I start or automate the recipe? I started the roast in RoasTime, but it did not automate. I had to make all the changes via laptop as the roast progressed. I’m sure this is what this is for, but I can’t figure out how to use it, or what I didn’t do right. Thanks.

As a side note, as a sole-user of the roast, I’m focusing on smaller (350g) sizes. So I lowered the recipes I found from P7 to P5 – and disastrously, it took over 19 minutes to go to my target 230º (Sweet Maria’s Liquid Amber espresso).

Would be grateful for how to use and automate RoasTime’s recipes.

Hey @online

There is a button on the top, right-hand corner that looks like a “play” button. That is how you initiate a recipe. It should take you to the roasting page when you click on it and put you in “recipe mode”. If you need more guidance, let me know.

As far as your side note, I usually do 250g roasts and I keep the settings mostly the same at first, but lower my preheat temp, and adjust from there. It really depends on the profile though as there are many factors that play into the roast.



Thanks, @matthew, for the feedback, and the great product. I had done that on the roast, and it started up as expected: preheat, then I charged it, and it automatically began roast (as hoped), with nothing else pressed. However, none of the settings changed automatically, fan, power, etc., and I ended up doing this manually. Someone on the FB page suggested that my “trigger” settings had to be adjusted, but the very first one was 3 seconds, 25º C. which should have triggered at 3 seconds, right? Perhaps I’ll soon try a second one, perhaps with a fresh recipe, and see if it’s the same result. Thanks also for the recommendation for the 250g roasts. I am happy to hear that it will successfully roast that low, as this opens up the possibility of having multiple varieties roasted; and those are great tips on the recipe. I did find, though, that on D7 with 350g, I would get only one bean in the tryer. Ha. Should I do a faster drum speed for this? Or is the tryer really just best with larger roasts? Again, thanks.

Hey @online,

It is probably your time trigger that gives you issues… I use the IR Temp as trigger as it gives consistent readings across bean types. The time trigger could be constant (in my case always 2min) and should make sure that no action takes place until after the 2min mark. I have attached one of my 600g recipices fyi:

Good luck and happy roasting,