No BT displayed on Roaster with RT2.1.0 and FW475

Upgraded. RT 2.1.0 and firmware 475…no problems roasting.

First off I do not have the new IR bean sensor.

I noticed that the display on the Bullet no longer displays the old BT. Bean temp dislplay is now showing the IR drum temp. Drum temp does not toggle between DT and ROR.

Bottom line is that if you don’t have the new IR bean sensor, there is no way to roast without a RT interface now, since BT is no longer displayed on the Bullet.

Can this be corrected? If the firmware Does not detect the IRBTS, can it also not display DT as BT if the roaster does not have the new IR bean sensor?


Roasting again today, I figured out that the “x” button, that did not do anything previously, now toggles between the 2 sensors…IRBTS and the Old Bean probe.



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