No copy & Paste for for login RoastTime4 [fixed in RT v4.6.6]

I just downloaded Roasttime 4 (MacOS) and I noticed that it is not possible to copy&paste my user credentials at startup. Since I am using strong passwords I don’t want to and can’t remember my complicated secure passwords. It is the same account used for the web after all.

I just did this a few seconds ago. It is very annoying. I tried about 5 times before I realized that I was doing it right, but that I could not copy and paste into the password field.

Hey @toddjohnson & @mibl.1DEk,

Thanks for pointing this out. We added this to our issue tracker to get it fixed. We’ll update on here when this is completed.


Just adding to the thread, this is a pretty major issue for those of us using password managers and complex passwords. Thanks for putting this on the backlog.

Just to update, we fixed this - it will be released in the upcoming “main” version release.

Just to mention the same issue (copy/paste no longer works) is happening when editing roasts as well. Hope you can fix it under the same release. Thanks!

Hey @mike.58ce59, yes all instances of copy/paste that are not working right will be fixed in the next RT-Main release


Hi @here,

We released a new version of RoasTime that has this issue fixed. See RoasTime v4.6.6 - #5 by mcaillio


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