No log-out

When fumbling around setting up initially Roast Time 2 after getting pusthed there by the firmware update, I accidentally set up two user accounts. I only use one of the accounts. When starting my last roast I accidentally logged in to the account I don’t use. I was unable to find a way to log out so I could log in again using the proper account. Quitting and re-starting the compter did not help.
To continue roasting I had to find a different computer so I could log in to the proper account.
Am I just not finding the log in/out dialog on the Roast Time 2 interface?
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I found the log-out button.
It is the C with the arrow in it at the lower left part of the screen.
Given the position and design of this icon I thought it meant “continue roasting”. I clicked it during a roast while on the roast log screen and it logged me out.
The location, design, and function of this icon could be re-thought.
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Thanks Harlan, we are in the process of iterating on the UI right now based on the feedback and recordings we have seen. I noticed this wasn’t clear as well.