No PH?

Tried to find the error codes down below in the manual but without results. My roaster isnt pre heating at all, worked fine last night.
Even tried starting the roast to see if temp goes up at all but no result. Idéas of where I can find the error codes?

Board V2.0 / Serial 8548 / Firmware 596
Error 131: 8192
Error 32769
Error 32769: 567
Error 131: 8192
Error 32769: 567
Info 29458: 2139
Info 29467: 102
Info 29488: 500
Info 28674: 4
Info 28672: 57671

IBTS shows jumps around 2.5-2.6… (it’s cold in Sweden rn and I’m in a quite cold garage). Can it be to cold here maybe?

There’s a limit on ambient temp of the roasting area. It’s in the manual but if memory serves it’s 50°F/10°C. So the Bullet is intentionally inhibiting the PH.

Do a few searches here- others are dealing with same issue. I believe they keep a small space heater nearby so the Bullet internal temp is at least the minimum.

Keep in mind those cold temps will affect the roast profile.


Edit- you should probably consider storing the Bullet a heated space. (Yeah… inside the house; maybe in a plastic bag to contain the odor. Unfortunately Bullets don’t come ‘house broken’.)

There is an error code (Error 131: 8192), which is the IGBT temp error.
This could indicate that the Bullet is simply too cold to start up.
Bring it inside for an hour and see if that helps.

and @bab … Tyvm guys. Jacob where did you find the error code in manual? Am I that blind? Or is there another document with error codes?

I could actually power the roast without beans and get it to heat up to 10C+ then go back to PH-mode and preheat for roasting. I won’t forget to close the windows again thats for sure.

Agian, thanks guys for the clarification.

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