No Rostime version available for download (502 HTTP error)

No Rostime version available for download (502 HTTP error) from
Any mirrors for download available?

I am also seeing a Cloudflare issue when trying to download. Screenshot is attached.

I can’t even run roast.time – went to check for an update and see 502 error, too. This dependency on internet service coupled with poor operations means we can’t even roast w/ the software today.

Ridiculous. Very disappointed.

Oh man, that is really frustrating and I’m sorry you’re not able to use your roaster.

Do you need an updated version? What are you seeing when you try to roast? I just restarted RoasTime and it seems to be working for me.

Just finished a couple roasts this morning and I saw no errors; no updates either though.

Just a purple screen with white loading dots. I’ve tried on airplane mode and w/ internet, it just stays “loading”.

You made me hopeful so I did a full reboot to test. Same behavior, purple screen with white dots “Loading”. My guess was I did need an updated version for some reason (Although I would still expect to be able to use the software offline!), and that’s when I found the download site is broken.

When the service is restored I will download the newest version and see if it works offline. I hope it does, very frustrating that it doesn’t. I last updated 3 weeks ago or so.

Alright, hopefully this is useful to anyone else who comes across this in the future.

I uninstalled roasttime, and then backed up + deleted:

Then I reinstalled RoastTime from an exe I had lying around, version 3.0.81-x64.

This let me log in, and it all works once more!

Going to have to make sure I keep a copy of this .exe on hand :smile_cat:

Will try latest version w/o internet when the download site comes back up.

For thous who also faced with this issue URLs from the next thread:
for win64

or for win32

or for mac

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