No usb recognition

The other day I was roasting with my bullet r1 v2 and the power went out on me, but got some power back on shortly and immediately cooled the roaster through the shutdown cycle. All seemed fine, then I went to roast a day later and it won’t connect to roastime.

I tried like 5 different cords, tried updating roastime, tried different computer 2 different PCs and a Mac both new roastime4 and 3, tried updating zadig drivers on the request of an aillio tech.

But that was several days ago and haven’t heard anything since.

The computer does not seem to recognize the bullet, on my Mac if I go to system info and usb, there’s no sign of any connection. On pc it shows a connection but it also shows an error with the connected usb.

Anyone have any ideas for me?

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Hey @jekyll, I recommend following up with our support team if you haven’t already. Seems like it could be an issue with the usb port.