None of my bean inventory is available in RoasTime

I have to re-open my latest roasts in Roast World to add the bean name to each roast. Apologies in advance if this has been reported/fixed in previous posts.

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Which RT version are you using?


Actually, only the beans I;ve added recently are available…

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I have same issue and have to work around it by editing my roast on RW.

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Yes, that’s my work around also. So, the issue is why the bean inventory that is accessible in is not accessible in RoasTime?

Sounds like some type of bean sync issue. @derrxb for visibility.

Thanks for letting us know!

Hey @everyone, sorry for the delay. I’ll track this in our backlog and get to fixing it asap. I’ll write here when I have an update.


Hey@derrxb, have you found any solution for this? Been having the same problem of roast world roasts not showing up in Roastime - have tried logging out, making sure updated, etc. and it’s been happening still for last 4x I roasted. Thanks for any help!!