None of the stats are populating

On my Roast.World page at the top, labeled My Activity, are any populated values despite the completed roasts logged. Roasts, Roasted Weight, Green Weight etc etc

Anyone else experiencing this?

With all the bugs going on, (I’m sure there’s people who can chime in and say they’re totally fine), it really seems like RoasTime v2 was better overall in terms of stability, but having run a QA department for years, I know many of these bugs could be avoided from getting into the releases with a good, thorough test plan process. I really expected better from this product. I’ve had several other roasters and saw this as the mature evolution. On the flip side, the roaster itself, is largely reliable, but a big part of the system is the software and ability to replay our roast profiles and manage bean inventory and share etc. Even the place of purchase here in the states, who’s name I’ll refrain from mentioning, confirmed the bugginess. Love the product otherwise, but needs a lot of work for a product of its age. -Best of regards!

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I didn’t get to roast this weekend (“life” got in the way) so I can’t tell if RW isn’t populating or not, but my roasts from last w/e seems to be all there.

That said, in general, I agree with @bobstrengera5kj. It would be good to see a more methodical s/w release process that provides better stability so we’re not fighting the s/w while we’re trying to do a roasting session (in the limited time that some of us have). I was in QA (software) in a previous career and we had rigorous regression test plans for every release. Not saying that RT needs that level of rigor but perhaps some level of methodical documented test cases that is run thought before a release may be a start.

As a backup, I guess I’m going to have to train my “old” brain to read (and adjust) the Bullet control panel in case I have to ditch the RT s/w mid-roast because of some issue so I don’t lose a batch :wink:

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Hi @bobstrengera5kj, can you provide a screenshot of how the stats show for you? I would be happy to help resolve this issue.

In terms of bugs in production, We do our best to ensure that no bugs make into production. However, it’s not 100% perfect and some do slip through. For the ones that do, we try to fix those in a timely manner.

I was roasting Thursday 6/24 and when I went to Roast.World/myroasts, all my roasts were listed as “Untitled Roast” and I can’t open any of them. I thought perhaps this had to do with the migration of the site, but today, still the same. At the top of the page is a box that reads, “Welcome to the New Roast World.” It then explains that RoastTime 3 is necessary to continue using it. I have 3.1.8 on my MBP, so I should be good there. However, I must say, I am not at all amused by this and have no idea how to get my data back. Please help.