Not a great sound on shutdown

Hi all,

I’m into my 6th or so roast, and I noticed an unsettling buzzing/grinding sound occurring in the back near the exhaust fan. It sounds like something is stuck in the fan or something, though I’m not sure how that could be possible. I’m sure to empty the chaff filter every time I roast. I’ve attached a video (EDIT: dang, can’t attach video. I need to upload it somewhere, though I don’t have a Youtube or Dropbox account. Any suggestions?).

A few questions:

  1. Any idea what is causing that or how I can fix it?
  2. I suppose it’s a bad idea to turn the roaster off mid-shutdown when the drum still hasn’t reached 80C? I also don’t want to open the back while it’s running.

Then, all of a sudden, the sound stopped completely without me doing anything.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Could be the drive belt slipping. There were videos and instructions on the Aillio site under Support for adjusting that but they seem to have gone away. They still have a section of the User Manual that describes the adjustment. If you don’t find the issue that way you can contact your supplier or start a Trouble Ticket on their site under Contact.


I might have had the same thing happen a few times. For me, sometimes the metal chaff filter gets too close to the exhaust fan. Make sure it’s settled into the groove in the rubber and the little wire handle folded away.

good luck!

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Agree with @damon - start there. I had that issue before too. The chaff filter by the squirrel cage is finicky to fit back into the rubber ring.

EDIT: Also, if for some reason you took the squirrel cage out to clean, make sure it is not set too far out that it would rub against the rubber ring.

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After reading @damon & @blacklabs I have to agree the chaff filter contacting the exhaust fan is more likely for the sound you describe. It can be difficult to get the filter to seat in the rubber holder depending on mfg tolerances. And if the filter is heavy with chaff it’s even easier… not seated, the filter will sag and the lowest part of the rim can protrude to hit the impeller.


oh, right! I’ve had that problem too. Additionally, I found the axle for the fan moves in and out by about 1mm (less?) In other words, even when the fan is tightly fixed to the axle, I can pull/push it towards/away from the chaff filter. I guess that’s motion inside the motor itself.

So when reinstalling the exhaust fan, I give it a gentle tug outwards (towards the chaff filter) and then double check it’s clear of the rubber.

Another habit I’ve added to my routine: after doing a deep clean, confirm the exhaust fan spins by pushing the PRS button a few times (do a 20 second fake roast with no preheat, no beans). So much less drama to fix fan alignment with a cold roaster than a hot one. … :slightly_smiling_face: