Not able to login into roast time desktop app

any lead?? not able to login into roast time desktop app even after resetting password.
it the an error called “authentication failed” at first and the next time it threw some other error called “backend error”. log in as guest button as well as login with google not working.

I upgraded today on my MacBook to 4.3.2. When I launched the app it never even loaded the login screen. I force quit the application and restarted it. It then prompted me to log in but I could not paste my password from my password managing tool. This was a bit annoying… Anyhow I was able to log in but it wasn’t seamless by any means.

Have you rebooted your computer or restarted the application? Just a thought given what I experienced this morning.

I plan to roast on Friday night. Hopefully there’s no surprises then.