Number of Cuppings Listed on Dashboard

I am trying to figure out how to input cuppings. In the my activity section of the dashboard it shows I have had zero cuppings in the last week.

After adding some notes to my roasts to see if that is what drives the metric, it remained at zero.

I feel a bit crazy as I don’t see a cupping section either, not sure what drives this number. :man_shrugging:

From the Dashboard,

Select one of your recent roasts and then scroll down and you will see an icon where you can ‘Rate Roast’

After clicking on that Icon you will be asked if you want to offer an opinion or rate from a cupping

After selecting cupping, you can fill out a cuppng form.

if you come back to that roast, you can add another cupping


Oh man, thank you so much!! Much appreciated :heart:

can’t even see this feature.

Thats weird… I can’t seem to find that either. I presume you are in are in RW?

Yes Roast World on a PC with Windows 10

From the dashboard you have to select a roast from the recent roasts list

Then the Rate Roast icon will be visible.

One of the cool things is that you can add more cuppings to the same roast as it ages or from different “Judges”

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That is odd.
I fond it now, but only after i went and disabled the “Early access to new features” in settings.
I wonder what else I have been missing due to that…?

Hey Everyone,

The cupping activity on the dashboard does not currently count any cuppings you’ve complete on roasts. We’ve had this part of the feature in the backlog for a bit but keep getting busy working on other sections of Roast World. However, if you view a roast’s details you can see the cupping history in the top title area for roasts.

I’ll look into your comment about disabling access to new features to show the ratings option, @Nicolas.