Numbering Roasts, Moisture extracted, Ambient temperature

I almost feel silly asking these questions because I haven’t seem anyone else raise these seemingly obvious issues and thus feel I may be missing something:

  1. Why is there not record shown of the amount of moisture removed during each roast or is it just that I have missed it? I would have assumed it would be calculated and recorded automatically since we are asked the before and after weight of the beans. This is an important metric to many and was calculated in version 1 (or the Profile Tool software, I can’t recall).

  2. Why are the individual roasts not numbered sequentially automatically so one has a record , for example, of when to clean the IR window etc.? I have been putting the numbers in manually as part of my roast title, which sucks. (and it too was in version 1 or the Profile Tool)

  3. Why is there no place to record the ambient temperature of the roaster environment?Again (and it too was in version 1 or the Profile Tool). This can be important when one is operating in a temperature environment that may fluctuate very significantly between certain roasts. Time-based roast overlays are affected without any record of why.



I too would like to see the above recommendations implemented in the next windows update,why I are we trying to reinvent the wheel here?

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Throw in my two cents worth here… Larz is spot-on… since the data is entered (pre- and post- roast weight), the “yield” or “moisture loss” should be an automatic data point added to the profile. And as for ambient temperature, this is a data point I track, and currently have to do so separately (please do it to accept either C or F). Additionally, there should be a field wherein we can enter relative humidity. It makes a difference, and is also something I track.
I’m using the Mac version of RoastTime.
Thank you!


Yep, I’m also desperate for a weight/moisture loss reading - it’s a big metric for me!

Dan, I downloaded the latest software update (2.0.9) and was pleased to see that they have incorporated that (moisture loss) as well as ambient heat and humidity into RoastTime

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I thought that I saw a number in RoasTime representing moisture loss after the roast finishes and you enter in your ending weight, but I don’t see it in the Roast World site. I’m not on my roasting computer right now so I can’t check RoasTime.

It would be nice to see these values (and the ending roast weight) in Roast World.

Whoops…contrary to my last post, although you can enter finish weight and obtain percentage of moisture lost, the ambient temp and humidity fields are there but cannot be is populated… I assume this capability forthcoming Matthew?

If you edit your roast profile and press Show More Options then you should be able to edit them.

Right you are Jacob; my bad. Thanks