Official Bullet R1 Bean Deflector / Guard Contest (Deadline 1/16)


Hi Ole, our tool shop made a laser cut after your design. I must say it is genius and works like a charm! Kudos your way :clap:
Now it seems that almost all Bullet owners in Denmark that I know of would like to have it also.


Hi Lav

Thank you very much! I am very pleased that so many like the bean reflector. :smiley:
With a collective order, it can even be produced very cheaply.
At least here in Germany the laser cutting of 3 bean reflectors costs only a little more than with one.


I would be interested in one here in the U.S. Anyone able to laser cut?


I’d like to modify the step file linked above into an STL for 3d printing.

I have the stl file flat, but I need to figure out how to bend it correctly, working on that now.


I used easy upload, instant pricing and fast turnaround…


That is a great option. I will likely just end up doing that :slight_smile:
The thing I was attempting to do is make it where anyone with a 3d printer can just hit print and be done with it, instead of whipping out their credit card number…

However, the available plastics that 3d printers use may have issues with the bean temps coming out of the chute.


Yes I think most 3D filaments might find the temperature a little deforming after a time. The stainless steel one cost me about $20 and isn’t likely to need replacing…


I wish we had such places in Europe with an easy online service like that…


I sent the step and dxf file to a local sheet metal cutter and they came back with something too small.

Any chance you have this file in a true to size pdf? They said they generally print a pdf and use it as a template for cutting.

I looked at the files and could not see the actual overall sizes for them to use…


You can use the free Autodesk DWG TrueView program ( to print the file to PDF. You may need to install a PDF printer, e.g. . You have to set the scale for printing to 1:1. The holes should then have a diameter of 5.3mm on the paper as indicated.


I have a family member with a few laser machines and printers, including one that can cut magnetic-backed vinyl. Happy to see what she can do with these designs if I am able to get the files.