Official Bullet R1 Bean Deflector / Guard Contest (Deadline 1/16)


Deadline Extended To January 16th So Jonas Has Time To Submit, Too!!!
(I guess it’s good to be the boss…)

We’ve noticed that a fair amount of you have begun designing/building mods to capture stray beans during the bean dump. So, we’ve decided to throw a little contest. To the person who can come up with the best design for a ‘bean guard’ or whatever you’d like to call it, we’re offering an Aillio espresso kit: Tamper, Mat, and Knockbox. And also a bag of nice green coffee. :slight_smile:

Entries will be judged according to such factors as: aesthetics, ease of production, effectiveness, innovation, etc. Don’t expect anything too formal, however. (Or even for the judging to be fair! :wink: )

(Tip: it would appear that, so far, most of you have focused your designs around the faceplate, but we encourage you all to ‘think outside the drum’, so to speak.)

Please attach your entries to this thread. Step files, renderings, drawings, and finished products are all okay. We’ve tried to make it possible for you to upload any relevant file extensions, but if you have any problems don’t hesitate to ask.

Deadline is 1/16.

Good luck!


Robert Escuin deserves this. I will share this with him. :wink:


My “prototype” that I’ve used for a few roasts is not pretty, has no aesthetic value but it does work. I took an old 5 gallon paint bucket, cut it down to 5” tall, cut out the bottom leaving about 1/2” width and then cut out about 5” of one side, wide enough to allow for the bean chute. This sits perfectly on top of the cooling tray. I put it in place just before dropping the beans and then remove once all of the beans have dropped. Like I said, not pretty but gets the job done.


I do not have a cad drawing, just a cardboard template I use, made of SS 24g hand cut and formed. I have a spare sample I can send if needed. Good Luck to all!

Thank You, Robert Escuin


is it possible to share the 3D cad file of the external form of the bullet with all useable screw attachment locations? In step format. I would like too design a bean guide and it would save some measuring time add help with guesswork. I have some good ideas, but hate to make dimensional assumptions.


I want to join the contest, but I maybe not received my bullet in 12/7…


@jhakens – Check your mail. :slight_smile:


@kemingcc We will probably extend the deadline, but not for too much longer.


Here is my design, which I have been using for half a year.

The technical data:

  • Attached with 3 screws of the front panel
  • lasered from 0.5mm stainless steel sheet, the prototype was milled out of 1mm aluminium sheet.
  • 10 degree angle of inclination

Pictures, CAD files and production instructions can be found here (in German):

In brushed and polished stainless steel, the sheet metal would look even better.

Many greetings

PS. Maybe the winner of the competition could also get a professionally produced bean deflector? I think one or two of them may already have a tamper.:wink:


However, the simplest, cheapest, fastest, most technologically advanced and innovative solution is this one:

An A4-sheet paper with 160g/m² divided in the middle.

The design can be adapted to the colour of your choice.



I have my bullet just a couple of months. I have cut out 2 quarters of a circle in firm plastic. Very cheap, easy to create, washable…And last but not least, it works fine.
aillio bean deflector

aillia bean deflector 1


Here is my design…Martin Oets


How can it come ur letters are green on the board ?


Only the power, drumspeed, fanspeed cooling speed lights are green. The temp and off/cool lights are red.


Here is my design. I really wanted to cut out and make a working prototype but ran out of time. Anyways, my idea would be to put some rare earth magnets inside the legs so fins can easily pop on and off without any screws and be a little bit adjustable as well. Here is a little video. Let me know what you think!


Thanks everyone for the entries. Jonas and Jacob are out of the country till next week. Will announce a winner soon after. :slight_smile:


I am waiting with bated breath!


Hey all. We’re back in the office after the long Lunar New Year holiday, and this morning Jonas decided on a winner. Or should I say… winners?

Stay tuned.


We have found two joint winners.
Patric and Eric.

Thanks to everyone for submitting your ideas. Sorry it took forever to judge. I had a small biking accident that held me back.

Patric: Very simple solution of mounting a deflector directly on the cooling tray was something I was looking into as well. I do think that they could be a lot smaller. Beauty of this ideas is that it can be lasercut as one flat piece.

Erics idea of using a magnet through the plastic is great as it does not scratch anything on the front of the Bullet.
It would be great if we could make these drawings available to everyone.
I could also help draw them up and make them availble for 3D printing / lasercutting.

An espresso kit is on the way!



Awesome! Thank you so much!