Old wiring and generators

I have an old house with old wiring. The outlets in the garage cannot safely handle the load from the bullet.

I have a wife who lives inside the house who doesn’t want me roasting inside.

Any reason I can’t get one of the quiet inverter generators and use that to power the bullet?

I stumbled across at least one roaster traveling in an RV (van conversion) that roasts on her Bullet. Unfortunately I dunno if she roasts on shore power in an RV park or if she uses her batteries + inverter. You’ll have to search YouTube but it’s there somewhere. If I find it again I’ll edit this post. It was a van tour video and the mention of the coffee roaster (a Bullet) was an aside.

That example aside I can’t think of an obvious reason you can’t use DC power + an inverter to operate a Bullet. I would think you’d want a 2kW inverter. The Bullet requires 1.5 kW plus you’ll have to accommodate your laptop in order to keep both on the same power source. I’m guessing your extractor fan, lights, whatever can run off your house wiring. Without doing a thorough analysis it seems like a 2 kW inverter ought to be enough.

Not going to be cheap to do this. Any chance of having an electrical contractor upgrade the wiring in the garage? That will increase the value of your house while the DC power + inverter won’t.


This might be a bit on the expensive side but if you have an 120v roaster you could make do with an
EcoFlow Delta Pro, do a google search for details.

Hope it helps!


Valid points for sure. I contacted my preferred electrician for a rough quote.

I’m going to get one of the 4000/3200w firman inverter generators from Costco because we should have something for our house anyway. I also want one for farmers markets and I’m doing a couple coffee road shows in the fall.