One roast, multiple samples

Hey, everyone.

I was wondering if the Bullet has one specific function that I maybe didn’t discover yet.
Basically, I’d like to take out samples at various points of the roast to see which profile suits a certain coffee best.
Something like this. In the video, the roaster clicks a button and it logs when he took out samples. Does Roast.Time/Bullet also have this function or will I have to go “on foot” and write down the time?

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I usually just start at lets say the 7min mark, then take out samples every 15 or 20seconds. That makes it pretty easy to organize and remember.


Do you take out samples with the trier? I can only get a few beans at a time that way.

Yes with the tryer, go to max drum speed and with a reasonable amount of beans in there (500g+) it should be possible.