Overheating error 0032

I’ve been using the bullet for a while and haven’t had any trouble. Recently it started throwing the 0032 error for overheating. So I turned things down and roasted at lower power levels. I still had trouble. After my last roast I did a full, in-depth, cleaning and made sure everything was in great shape.

Dropped some beans today and still having trouble. The fan is blowing and I am having trouble identifying what could possibly be wrong. I certainly may be missing something obvious. Anyone else have trouble with the roaster overheating?

You might want to check if the IBTS fan spin RPM normally.

I didn’t know about that fan! Thanks for pointing it out. I’ll check it out as soon as I have a chance.

Did anything change since you started getting that error? Higher ambient temps? Moved roaster to a different location?
You can monitor the IGBT temps in the information panel - click the (i) icon. If they hit 98 they will shut down the induction power.

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Is your cooling tray ducted ? Or does it blow hot air out of the cooling tray straight under the power board on the Bullet ? Even if you don’t plan or need to duct your tray, I ran with a right angle elbow to blow the warm air and smoke out to the side of the roaster (or turn the cooling fan such that it exhausts from somewhere other than under the Bullet). That way neither hot air nor smoke gets sucked across the electronics by the PCB cooling fan.

Just a thought…

ErC 0032: Ambient temp too high.

I had this problem regularly when roasting in the kitchen during the winter and outside during the summer when ambient temperatures were close to 80F. It happened even during the first roast. I pointed a table top fan directly at the bottom of my Bullet, i.e., induction board. And in winter, left the window cracked next to the Bullet. That Really helped decrease frequency of Error code. But it wasn’t until my induction board failed and Aillio sent a replacement that the issue nearly completely discontinued. Now it only occurs if ambient temp rises to 80F or higher and I don’t have the table top fan pointed at the induction board. When ambient temps reach 90F I’ve given up even attempting to roast, given the likelihood of ErC 0032 regardless of fan placement.

When you replaced your power board, was it noticeably dusted by roasting smoke from the cooling tray ? It’s probably unfortunate that the PCB cooling fan sits so close to the exhaust for the cooling tray and as a result can funnel the smoke across the electronics. Unless you regularly dust them off, the sensors are also likely to fall victim to being coated and misreading. I think a couple of past firmware releases have raised the trigger limits so that might also explain why your newer board has been more stable…

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I doubt that your explanation directly applies to the issues I encountered, although the update you mentioned is applicable, given it enables the Bullet to withstand increased ambient temperatures. My board didn’t appear to show signs of smoke or debris.

I didn’t explain why Aillio replaced my power board. About a year after I purchased my Bullet I encountered the dreaded 256 Error Code. Even after I updated Firmware the Power would drop to 0 and intermittently show the 256 Error. Eventually, my Bullet displayed 256 immediately upon plugging in. The Aillio rep informed me I had one of the defective boards and immediately sent a new one.

The issue jaredscoe is having may or may not relate to a defective board. However, high ambient temperatures and/or poor circulation can produce a 0032 Error. This continues to happen even now, hence my care in ensuring adequate circulation and avoiding roasting above 80F. In addition, I typically charge at 300C with a 1K batch; hence, the Bullet is at its upper limits.

My initial response to jaredscoe probably should have included questions re roasting conditions, ambient temp, batch size, and charge temp. If none of these are issues, jaredscoe is probably best contacting Aillio.

I agree there could be multiple root causes. When I upgraded my power board, the old one was quite dusty hence my comments and more recent precautions. I believe Jacob has mentioned the increased trigger value in more recent firmware releases.

You guys rock. This is exhibit A for one of the reasons I love this roaster (the community is super helpful!).

I cleaned everything up, inspected the IBTS fan (it works), and cleaned out the fan on the circuit board. I did a few small back roasts yesterday and there weren’t any problems.

I live in Dallas and roast in my garage. It’s not possible to bring the roaster inside so I end up roasting when it is above 80, it doesn’t really drop below 80 in the summer. I didn’t think that would matter too much because the roaster is designed to go above 500F when roasting. However, from reading your awesome feedback I think that may have more to do with it than I thought.

I had not considered ducting the cooling tray but will definitely look into that now if it will help keep it from throwing an error. Thanks for the help!

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I’m in Austin but not relegated to the garage, fortunately…

Hey @jaredscoe - Did you resolve your problem? I just started getting this error and am trying to figure out the issue. I roast inside, at 68-70 degrees.

I’m using the 3.2.2 version of RoasTime and the Beta 602 firmware, with hopes it would get fixed, but I’m still having the same IGBT error.