Overlay and Playback

HI there,

Ever since the new update on the bullet roastime software, The overlay and playback mode roles are the same. As i use my overlay mode (which is suppose to trace the previous roast profile), it actually changes the setting by itself i.e (Fan goes up to F9, Heats changes by itself). Is that suppose to happen or is it just a bug? ever since then, i have not been using the both modes and have been roasting blindly. Anybody have any issue about this and how do i resolve this? Thank you:sweat_smile:

Are you running 2.5.6 or 3.0?

I’m on 2.5.5. and use either Overlay or Playback on most roasts and have no problems.

Hi there,

Yes i am currently running on 2.5.5. Should i try update the firmware to see if still have the issue?

What Firmware do you have?

I’m way behind on mine - I’m on 523. Others here are on the more recent versions, so maybe wait for them to comment, too.

What version Bullet do you have? V2? I bought the V1.5 in 1/2019 and recently upgraded to the V2 power board. Using f/w 558 and s/w 2.5.5-stable I have seen what I suspect are differences in behavior while using Overlays compared to the old power board:

  • power & fan changes don’t register time of occurrence properly,
  • power control has done a couple odd things,
  • the update rate of displayed (elapsed) Time has slowed for a couple seconds then come back to speed (though I think the displayed time was correct… maybe comm was delayed?)

It makes me suspect f/w bugs since it’s the same version of RT I was using with the V1 power board. But that’s pure speculation… I really have no way of knowing.


I’m on 2.5.5 and fw 553 with a V2, and use Overlay on pretty much every roast. It does not modify any machine settings during the roast. The only trick with my machine is to wait during preheating until you’re ready to charge before invoking Overlay. Otherwise roasting may start prematurely. I’ve used Playback once or twice and it operated the machine settings automatically, as expected.