Overwriting roast data when in overlay mode

I usually roast with overlay on. If I finish a roast and edit my latest roast (input name, bean, weight) before I cancel the overlay, the editable data from the overlay roast is edited, not my latest roast. Last night it moved the FC time on one of my roasts to match the overlay roast, when all I did was name it and put in green/roasted weights.

I’m not sure if this happens every time, but its happened at least twice to me. I guess the solution is to cancel overlay, but it’d be nice if this is fixed so it doesn’t happen anymore. Thanks!

Thanks for the report - we will attempt to replicate and open an issue to be fixed next release.

i have that happend to but did not know it was overlay there made it happend

thx for the info :slight_smile:

Same here.

the 2 last days it happend again, but with out overlay

What RoasTime version are you using?

but it happend on 3,4,0 allso :slight_smile:

i have not been clear
the previus roast did not get recorded, soooo when i press the new button ‘edit previus roast’ i opens the last roast recorded roast, and i have edit that with the info with beens weight ect

so i think its a bug where it is not recording all roasts, sorry for my english, if its not clear what i meen, i can write it in danish

3.4 when the problem occurred last. I’ve been careful to avoid it, so I don’t know if it happens on 3.4.1

FYI - We have a fix in for next version.