Parallel roasting - multiple bullets connected to the PC

Hi roasters. I would like to scale my business eventually so I am checking my options. Is there a way to connect multiple bullets to 1 PC and use RoasTime software, or would I need to have 1 PC for each bullet, or use the manual interface on the bullet?

Possibly, is there a way to pre-program a recipe onto a bullet and then just run it without having the PC connected?

Thanks a lot

Not a qualified reply, but…

The Recipe executes in the PC which sends commands to the Bullet via comm over the USB cable. Commands are not stored then executed in the Bullet- it doesn’t have the resources to do that. So each roast batch is managed separately from PC to Bullet with confirmations & data (Time, temp, etc.) sent from Bullet to PC via the USB comm. RT4 manages all that.

Your PC can manage multiple processes simultaneously but it can’t handle multiple instances of the same process: 1 PC, one instance of RT4.


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This may be possible in the future. Technically I think it would be feasible to claim both devices via PID/VID and determine which is which by serial number. It does not exist yet though.


It might be possible to do what you want using virtual machine tech like VMWare or VirtualBox. That lets you run a second, virtual computer along side your real one.

You’d connect both roasters to your computer, but one of the USB devices would be assigned to the virtual computer, one to the real one.

I don’t know if anyone has tried this yet. Send me two more Bullets and I’ll have a go.

But, also, a PC costs about 1/10 as much as a roaster.
So If you’re running a business, that’s probably a reasonable cost for simplicity and redundancy.


Yeah, thank you all for your thoughts and inputs. I was hoping there was a way to manage that within the software, or using some internal memory of the bullet, but got it.