PC into standby; keeping alive?

Hi, I did see some messages about the PC going into standby causing RoasTime to lose USB communication with the Bullet.
Is it possible to code a keep alive routine foregoing this problem?

Hey, this kinda depends on which OS you are using. Is this for windows?

Well I do not recall on what OS all were running, but I remember seeing one or more on Windows.
I did read about it before I received my Bullet, so I did configure a much longer time before the screen is switched off and another long time before my Windows tablet is locked. I also make a habit of connecting the tablet to the mains during roasting.
(I recall you should be able to never go into power save mode when connected to the power outlet, but have to explore that a bit more.)
I know when you dive deeper into device manager on a Windows PC it should be possible to exclude a specific device from power save mode, but that is depending on the manufacturer and the drivers.

But is that what to ask from everyone?

From old times modem connections and nowadays HDMI I know they use sometimes fake data (nulls) or low level noise to keep the connection from being timed out. (This is a long story, sorry.)

Maybe you need a similar technique to prevent losing the USB connection during tine-out?