Permanently change cooling tray speed

is there a way to permanently change the cooling tray fan speed? it’s pretty annoying to always reduce the speed manually. C9 is so much overkill, the cooling tray runs away from the roaster.

thank you in advance and enjoy your coffee

Not that I know of. What size batches are you doing?

I roast 500g and the fan speed seems good, the tray doesn’t wander and the beans cool in about 3 minutes (with stirring)

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hello, hello :slight_smile: i am doing 500g batches too, but the cool down within less than a minute, i think. and the cooling tray sounds like flying away soon at D9… i don’t think this is healthy for the fan inside…

D9 is actually a Drum speed.

Does changing the D number with + and - change the fan speed? If so, maybe there’s a wiring error in your Bullet. Maybe the drum motor power being sent to the fan.

sorry, i meant C9, i will correct the original post.
it would be nice if every value could be set to a default starting value… every roast starts with P6 F2 D9, if i forget to change F2 to F5 or F6, the roast will have a burnt, fire tasty…

Oh, ok, yeah, C not D, sounds like we’re talking about the same thing.

You actually can set defaults for P, F, D when the roaster is in Off mode. Use the Settings menu (F1 button). Here’s the part of the manual that talks about it: Bullet R1 Manual - Google ドキュメント

Settings Menu

In the settings menu you can change the following:

Celsius / Fahrenheit temperature reading, sound volume, default drum speed at roasting, default starting power at roasting, and default preheat temperature.

When the R1 is in Off mode, press F1 to enter and toggle through the menu. The clock display will tell you which menu item you are currently changing. To exit the menu keep pressing F1 until the Off appears in the clock display.

  1. CEL / FAH is displayed. Press the A button to toggle between Celsius (CEL) or Fahrenheit (FAH), see fig. 11
  2. SOU - Adjust the sound settings
  3. drU - press the Fan speed buttons up/down to select the default drum speed when the roast starts, see fig. 13
  4. Pro - press the HC buttons up/down to select the default power when the roast starts, see fig. 14
  5. PH - press the HC buttons up/down to select the default preheat temperature when the R1 starts up, see fig. 15
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wow, i promise, i’ve been looking the manual over and over again, but i oversaw this. thank you for pointing me to it.
i still need to understand how this settings menu works… only received my bullet last monday, seasoned it with 3kg and now trying to get the right profile (and understand this machine lol)

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i just tried, an re-read multiple times, but F can’t be set to 5, and C can’t be changed either… the manual says “PRESS the fan button up/down”. it’s a little bit annoying to have so little control, because of the (still) confusing button combinations to enter setting. not yet liking the machine as i wanted to… this is the v1 manual?!? i have a v2… and the off mode, the functions are displayed differently. sound is displayed “SO1”, “SO2”…
and there is another setting which reads PPd on the bean temp display, and “bL26” on the time display…

You’re right, kooks like I misremembered. The default Fan speed is not in the settings. Can’t change the default cooling speed that I know of.

My regular routine is to use the Overlay or Replay feature with a previous roast. So my roast starts with the same P/F/D as the saved roast. You can change settings at any time during overlay/playback.

The bl-26 setting is about using calibrated fan speed vs. uncalibrated. I recommend doing the calibration, it’ll help when comparing/using other people’s profiles. Calibration info here Fan Calibration Guide – aillio

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No problem, thank you for your help :relaxed:
Ok, i will calibrate my fan later today, i will be free friday, saturday and sunday. Hoping to get the first ‘good’ roast by then. My goal is to reproduce a curve that looks similiar to my curve on the old roaster, than doing minor adjustments to fine-tune the roast. You think that’s a good idea?
I agree, the replay function for a receipie seems to be more useful than the ‘create receipie’ in roastime. Which is a little but confusing too :thinking: