Piece broken and drum tilted downwards

Hello. I bought the Aillio Bullet in December 2022.

Yesterday while roasting, the drum got stuck without turning, and after an emergency shutdown, this piece (look at the image attached) came loose and appeared among the coffee when opening the door. It seems to be a securing wire or something.

Since then, the drum rubs against the bottom when rotating, and once opened and examined, it seems to be slightly tilted downwards.

I would like to know if someone had this same issue and how I can make use of the warranty or if Aillio can take a look at the machine to fix it, because I didnt receive any answer from the seller (a spanish coffee store)

Thank you very much in advance.

Can you loosely put the face plate back on, open the drop door and push the barrel up while you push in the plate? The drum gets centered by the bearing correctly inserted into the face plate.

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What @nbeans said.

Separately- re: that piece of wire… it might have started life as a paper clip and been hiding in the greens (just a WAG). Not necessarily from the coffee processing facility but maybe when the greens were weighed & packaged for delivery at the re-sellers shop.


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Hi Bruce,

No, it’s quite a bit larger than a paper clip, measuring 5-6 cm, and it looks like it’s broken.

Clearly, the drum got stuck and after making a broken sound, it started spinning again, with that wire coming out. I’m convinced it’s a part of the machine that got stuck and broke while the drum was spinning. In fact, I believe it must be the reason why the drum is now loose (that wire must have been holding something).

Thank you for responding.

Hi, Yes, I believe I did it correctly that way. However, it still remains slightly misaligned and rubs against the bottom when it’s spinning during operation.

Just a quick word about what I see here. Once you remove the face plate, the drum will sag, as in the picture, so there’s no evidence of it sagging once the face plate is on. Take the shaft with one hand and lift it, lifting the drum, and with your other hand point a strong source of light under it and look for things that might be blocking it or grinding against it. Maybe move the drum around, not too much, and also check the sides and the top. Also, the bearing on the photo is out of place, which is to say it isn’t seated properly all the way down the shaft. When mounting the face plate, you should be able to align the hole with the shaft, push the face plate against it and then raise the whole thing. Check the pulley behind that goes out of place every time you remove the face plate. Just push it back. Try a little bit of food safe grease on the shaft and the bearing. If all of that doesn’t bring results, contact support and wait for a reply from them. As for the piece, I’m inclined to agree with bab’s assessment until someone from Aillio says differently.

Can you take a picture with the front plate attached? Also, when it is attached, does the drop door close all way? Can you take a second picture of a side view of the drop door closed?

Here are some photos of the inside of MY Bullet with the drum removed.

There is a possibility that the spring shown in the photo snagged on something and then unwound and deformed to what is shown in your photo. I think that it would be very difficult for that to have happpened.

When you push on the end of the shaft for the drum towards the back of the Bullet, do you feel a spring pushing back? You should unless something else is fouled up.

Here is a photo of the inside of the drum chamber. Many people has asked to see a photo like this in other threads:

Edit: There is nothing else inside the Drum chamber that could break loose that looks like your Wire piece. If it is not the spring, then we are back to a foreign object that got mixed in with the green beens. Maybe a large box shippping staple. The ends look like they have sharp edges

Hi @donovasvan.yxS4

Please contact us at [email protected]. As far as we can tell, it’s definitely a foreign object; we don’t have any pieces looking like that, and the Drum Spring should be way longer than that. Please provide us with some pictures of the Bullet with everything installed so we can take a look at the Drum position.

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