Pimp My Bullet

How about a place where users can share their personalizing of their Bullets, such as: metal chutes for dropping beans into cooling tray, the DIY drop handle etc. It could even be a marketplace to offer these items to others (please). Photos, plans etc.


Great thread idea! I’d love to see what people have done to weigh down the front door handle. When roasting certain types of beans my front door pops open so I have had to weigh down the handle with a jar filled with rocks…it works but I’d be interested in a ‘cleaner-looking’ fix.

One thing I did was to slightly elevate the front two legs. You can only tell it is by putting a level on the top but it’s enough to keep the beans home until the roasting is done. Works great for me.

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I’ve done that as well. Still I’ve found the beans I have from Guatemala bump the front door open unless I have a weight attached to the handle.

I’m sure you’ve experimented using different size washers on the front to minimize the distance the drum is from the front. I had some escaping beans until I dialed that in.

Yup, done that as well.

I had that problem until I reached in to the drum and pulled the fins forward to snug it up closer to the front plate. With that adjustment made I have had no bean/door problems for years.

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