Playback Roast failures on Roastime 3.2.2

Hello folks, I hope you’re all doing well.

I did a roast last week and felt it was pretty good but I wanted to make just one tweak, so decided to do a PLAYBACK roast.
The steps I took, in order
1/ plug in machine
2/ plug in laptop, open Roastime
3/ Found roast I wanted to Playback, chose to playback
4/ Roastime asked if I wanted to use the 240 preheat, I said yes, and preheat started GREAT
5/ 15 minutes later when Roastime said “Charge” I loaded the beans but then noticed there was no updating info on the roast, the temp/graph wasn’t changing… so I had to…
6/ Close roastime and wait for an annoying 1 minute before I could start it successfully again, then restarted Roastime and
7/ Chose the roast to Playback, chose playback, and went to active roast.

I finished the roast, but there were a few problems with how it happened:
1/ loss of connection
2/ after reconnection, PLAYBAK was not always playing the previous roast back
3/ after the roast was done, all time based events like FC, Yellow etc, as well as the P/F/D timeline bars were offset, and were no longer in the correct place, but started at the 00:00 time instead of at the time the software and machine were reconnected.

This whole process is very frustrating and really needs to be addressed and fixed. I had been told that if you connect the laptop to the bullet when it is in the OFF mode, you will not lose connection, but this is exactly what I did, and connection was lost.

Is there a fool proof way to NEVER lose connection once you have it?
Surely the software can be written so that when you reconnect, you are able to follow accurately, and the timing of events are appropriately placed with the graph, ie without an offset?


Sorry you’re having problems Mark - I do the exact same as you and have no issues you describe. Maybe it’s a hardware issue ? Or there is some other environmental factor that we don’t know about - testing software can be tricky to catch those edge cases, ask me how I know.

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what firmware version are you on, I am not sure of mine, will check next time.