Playback rost

When i started roasting with playback option i saw some strange things:

  1. When i go to roast that i want to replicate, i go for playback option and roastime ask me do i want overlay?? If i press cancel on that window playback is not working.
  2. If i press okay, i got overlay and playback in roasting on the left side of the screen. Everything work fine until end of the roast. When i want to start another batch i lost playback (only overlay stay) and its not working… I need to go again to recipe and start playback again… Its boring in b2b roasting that i need to start playback over and over again.

Why the hell i need to have overlay and playback in same thime… On roastime 3 i had only playback and it was working like charm.

Before roastime 4 update it was everything ok…

I had the same complaint and @Bab Bruce pointed out that there is a setting in the “edit settings” for Roast Time where you can toggle the rcipes for single use.

When i change that setting problem still persists…
Also my question is why i need to start overlay if i start playback?

I found one more bug, roastime dont save theme settings (change colors). Every time i run program i need to set again prefered colors.

Aillio need to fix this bugs…

I made a mistake.

The switch setting in the advanced settings is for Recipes not Playback. Sorry.

@banjac88.IORJ This isn’t a bug per say. Playbacks and recipes were made single-use in RT4 on purpose (but I am not sure on the context). We added the config option to disable this behavior for recipes and we can add an option to disable them similarly for playbacks.

Setting playbacks and overlays separately is also not a bug. It offers the flexibility of checking other roasts against it during playback. Is the action item to enable it not sufficient for you? Maybe if we add the config and you only have to do it once it would be less cumbersome?

We can look into your theme issue.

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If i turn on only playback (when it asks for overlay i click cancel) in roast i dont see power/fun/drum bar. So only option is to run overlay and playback together. I remember before in roastime 3 when i turn on playback it also show power/fan/drum bar with changes…
Why not put into roastime to remember playback in b2b roasting, who dont want it he can cancel it in any moment.

I think there may be some confusion. Why are you canceling the overlay? It sounds like you want to enable the overlay. When it asks for overlay, that is not cancelling your playback. It is asking if you want to enable both.

If you cancel overlay and only go with playback you dont have any bar (power, fan, drum) how will playback then work?

In rostime 3 version when you run playback it will show bar and it will automaticly change values. In overlay mod it will also show bar but you change values manualy.

In RT4 the overlay and playback can be enabled at the same time, it is not one or the other. You want to enable both of them (which is what the notification is asking if you want to do).

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If i run only playback (without overlay) it will work?
How he knows when need to change settings if overlay is turned off?

I dont understand point why program asks me do i want overlay if playback dont work without it.

Please read again what Matthew is explaining above. You should not cancel overlay.

I understand what he wrote.
I just think, why roastime4 ask me do i want overlay in playback, if playback dont work without it?Just make it when i click playback to start automatic overlay and there is no more confusion.

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It works without it. It will control your roaster but it will not show you the reference profile if you click cancel.

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Thx for information.

Can you make for future updates that playback stays in b2b roasts? Thx

I would also like the Playback to stay enabled when doing back 2 back roasts.

I got burned again tonight after running my first playback and then starting the second and about halfway through wondering why the fan speed didn’t update and the power setting didn’t update. Then realizing “Oh crap, playbacks are only good for one roast and then you have to reset”.


This thread is that classic user vs engineer conversation:

User: I don’t like this function
Engineer: oh, that isn’t how it was made

User: I know, I’m saying it isn’t a good design

Engineer: I don’t think you understand, that isn’t how it was designed to be used, please adjust how you do things to fit the design

User: I already make it work, I’m just asking if it could be changed, as I think it doesn’t make sense the way it is designed

Engineer2 steps in: it makes perfect sense, please read again what engineer 1 wrote, and it will all be clear to you

Engineers are awesome, but they often want the user to fit the design, instead of the design to fit the user. And there are often valid reasons for that, but we won’t always know the reasons behind the scenes as to why. But there are things that are culturally acceptable to critique, and things that are not. It is culturally acceptable for people to get very upset with the coffee they are served, but it is not acceptable to critique the design of a product if there is a fan base around it. Like you’ll have a difficult time criticizing Sony cameras, Klipsch, or BMW on forums, because of how those tools make people feel about themselves, they cannot accept the alternative.

We coffee people get a lot of grace at a high level, as people love coffee, but on a 1:1 ratio, we are heavily scrutinized by our customers every day, and their is little loyalty because of the options out their. So, you can make a thousand good cups of coffee and then one sour one and get a bad yelp review. For a small business that is a big deal. We are constantly under the gun…. er, bullet, haha. I’ve worked in some service jobs where people just having a bad day will throw stuff and yell at you. Trust me, I see mostly VERY constructive and thoughtfully typed out questions, complaints, and suggestions here on this forum.

I hope the engineers and team at Aillio know we want things to get better. If we spend one giving feedback instead of buying something else, it is because we want you all to succeed. So, try to read these “found issues” threads as if we are on the same team. It isn’t a “vs” thing. Well, at least for us it is not. I won’t speak for you, as perhaps you guys may very well see it that way. But at least on our end, we should be moving towards the same goals, and that won’t always be possible. Like I know I want more offline capability so behave more stability and control over my roasting, but the main thrust of your company seems to be pushing constant updates and cloud and free use of our data. And when customers mention changes not in line with that, it is like this thread. Anyway, keep a positive outlook on criticism. You’re still a first generation product and a young company, and have a ton of fans already. And we’ll keep challenging each other towards better things. Anyway, I’m more of a quality control person than a motivational speaker, but I hope you find some encouragement in this. Happy new year