Poor support for scoring/rating

Hi – though I’ve had a Bullet for 3 years, I’m new to RT2, having only updated recently while replacing/upgrading lots of components. I’m disappointed with how roast scores/ratings is handled in the “new” software. I found this a very important feature once I racked up a lot of roasts, so I could hone in on the best profiles when starting with a new bean. I can’t figure out how to do this in the new SW.

It looks like there’s no way to display the score/rating in the Roast History, or any way to filter on Rating. It seems like rating is completely overlooked, since when I go to Roast.World to look up a bean to see what other people are doing, every roast seems to have a score of 0. So I have no way of knowing at a glance whether their roasts are successful.

Are there any plans to make this feature more useable? It’s pretty important to me. Thanks.

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I never bothered with rating so mine were always zero as I suspect many others did. I still believe RoasTime should allow the choice of a profile roast being public or private. If I take a photo on my iPhone it isn’t automatically available to view by anybody…

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+1 on the public/private point.

As far as not rating them — how do you keep track? After 3 years of roasting on the Bullet I had over 300 roasts logged. Good ratings helped me pick profiles for new beans, bad ratings helped me remember farms and lots I didn’t like in the past. If they all had 0 I’d have been lost.

Like Stuart said, most people don’t use the rating feature. It’s an arbitrary number anyway. Unless you’re a Q Grader the numbers are probably not very consistent across the rating spectrum if you’re trying to look at other people’s roasts.

Wow, I’d never noticed the Rating. I would also consider it valuable as a personal ranking for sorting through my own beans. But it doesn’t seem to be available in RoastTime (?), only on Roast.World.
I guess the original intent was a crowd-sourced rating of the roast profile + bean combination. That sounds cool, but the problem for me is that subtle differences between our machines mean that if someone else downloads my profile and runs it on the same bean, they’ll not necessarily get EXACTLY the same temperature history, so they might rate the roast differently. (Calibration is a good step forward toward this very very cool concept.) So the crowd sourced information could be interesting, but having my own personal rating separately would be great. Especially if we could edit, view, and filter with it in RoastTime.

Yeah, I think most people replying are missing the point. I wouldn’t expect that someone else’s “9” is the same as my “9” — or I guess in the RT2 system, their :slight_smile: isn’t the same as my :). But at least it would distinguish roasts that someone thought was good from test roasts, failed roasts, etc. It would help improve the signal/noise ratio on Roast World.

But more importantly (to me) it was easier to know which of my past roasts I enjoyed under RT1. For those who don’t know, RT1 had a rating of 1-10, and you could sort your roast list by that to find successful roasts.

I’m still curious how others distinguish their own bad roasts from good ones without using the ratings field. I’m guessing most don’t have 3 years of data to sift through yet.

Most likely I’ll just start appending my rating to the name of my roasts. But that feels like a hacky workaround.

Full disclosure I don’t use RT now that I have Artisan working (for now).

I haven’t bothered with the rating because personally it was of no interest or use to me. What I thought might have been a 10 three years ago probably isn’t a 3 today. Similarly, after the initial “oh that sounds cool” of crowdsourced profiles, I realized I didn’t want an appliance where beans go in, profile gets loaded, press button and wait for coffee to come out. If I have 65lbs of beans to play with, I’m going to play. I probably don’t want to roast the whole thing the same. I like variety. Some will be a win, some will not and some will just be different. So take a Kenyan bean dark and see what happens. Sure it’s usually a lighter/medium but it costs me a few $$ in beans to experiment, like many hobbies.

You could argue that’s why I left the score at zero - I didn’t want to encourage someone from downloading a profile I couldn’t remove or prevent and have them be disappointed at the outcome, not knowing what I was experimenting with.

Or maybe I’m just too lazy to rate things and enjoy each new roast as it comes. Yeah that’s probably more apt :wink:

Hey Guys,

I have mentioned in some other threads, but there is a large update coming in the near future and you will be able to filter on your ratings in it. We have been in talks about having options to privat-ize profiles in the future as well.

We appreciate your feedback.



I find I don’t use the ratings either. The way it’s done is meaningless to me. A simple star type rating would be simpler and make more sense. one star, not good and five stars, great. Easy peasy.