Possible: import my old windows beans / profiles?


They are added from Roast World right now and sync down, the feature for adding/managing beans from within Roast Time are still in development.


Jody, depending where you get your beans, a lot of beans are already in Roast World, and you would just need to find them and add them to your inventory. I have 14 different lots, all but maybe 3-4 were already in Roast World. When you add them to your inventory, you can add your inventory by weight and from then on, as you roast, Roast World will update your inventory.


I was happily using the legacy windows software, but today I made the mistake of upgrading the firmware on the bullet. The drivers stopped working, and I installed the 2.2.0-beta version of the windows software. I imported my roasts, but they all say Bean name: Unknown. I tried dropping the bean .json files into the roast importer, but it complained about missing fields.

How do I import old beans today? I searched and my beans are not available, neither are the vendors.


I’m afraid that the bean names will not be imported. You will have to manually add them again on roast.world. Sorry


Why aren’t you adding a way to import beans?


Hi Branning.
It is because of how things were designed and stored on in the new RT2 are so much different from RT1 and making / testing and deploying a converter would be too time consuming.
We are still a very small team and we thought we would focus our resources on other things.


Is it possible that you set the bar too high on what would be an acceptable bean import feature? I could imagine you ran into problems with duplicate beans, and decided it was more important to avoid duplicates than have complete roast information. I disagree, and think you could import beans with unique names, and de-duplication could be done later (or just not care about duplicates). Without some kind of bean import feature you do not have a roast import feature.

A dumb import of the all beans would not be technically difficult. Prefix the names with usernames, or something silly like that. What is a better experience – seeing a roast with zero bean information, “Branning’s roast 3 - Unknown bean”, or seeing “Branning’s roast 3 - Branning’s Burundi beans”. The database might become littered with these extra beans, but the database exists to store user data.