Possible: import my old windows beans / profiles?

I have about 200 roasts and 50 or so beans in .json format from the old Windows Roast time. Is it possible to import them into the new (very fancy looking) Roast.Time?

Next release, maybe end of this week or next, I will have a tool for you to do this.

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Yay - I got about 190 of my roasts imported - thanks! Now it would be great to be able to import the beans - at least the region/farm names, if not all of the info. Thanks for the features!

I just got the new Roast Time downloaded on Windows. I have over 800 roasts from the old version of Roast Time I’d like to import into the new version but every time I try to import a file, it says the file is not ready, only .json format is allowed. I’m confused because all of my previous profiles ARE .json files.

Yes, I am having the same problem: “Roast from xxx.json is not ready, only json format is allowed.” Any news?

Jacob advised they are working on a tool to export them from the old windows version that should be released soon!

The import is working in the macOS 2.0.x version, so presumably that feature will come to windows as that version catches up.

Hey Guys,

This should be coming out today or tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

My RTW, RoastTime Windows, updated today, and I was able to import my old windows.json files.

  • where does RTW save roast files?

  • I have one file that imports fine initially, but when I go back to look at it, the only curve that remains is ROR…all the temp curves are gone. The data is there…when I hover over the graph it shows all the temp readings. Any ideas what is up with this file?



Hey Eric,

The roasts are actually saved in a database rather than in json files on the hard drive. To get them out, they would have to be exported from the software (the tool doesn’t exist as of now).

Can you send me the profile and I will take a look?


So was this fixed in 2.0.4?

The import feature is fixed in 2.0.4 - but we have seen a couple reports of people with a roast or two that didn’t display on import. If it happens to you, let me know and send me the profile so we can get it fixed for you.

Sorry, I should’ve clarified. I mean was the bean import feature implemented in 2.0.4? Pretty tedious to add all my beans again manually in roast world.

A new windows version is out that can fix problems with importing very old roasts from 2016, early 2017. If some of your roasts imported as a blank screen you can update to, then right click on your list of profiles and choose Export all profiles. Then drag all the exported profiles into V2 of RoasTime. If this is the second time you import, you might have a few duplicates (some older ones might be duplicated), but they should be easy to delete afterwards.

Hi Jacob,

Thank you for the reply but does that apply to bean profiles? I’m not talking about the roast profiles. When I try to import a bean profile, it says that it can’t import because there isn’t a charge temp.

I tried opening RT 2.0.3 in Windows 7, and after a few seconds, an error window came up saying it was unable to download, then spit out a screen of code. The error windows goes away in about 5 seconds, so no time for a screen shot. I will try Windows 10 on Surface Pro 3 this weekend.

I have heard about this a couple times now. I think it may be a network error trying to connect to the download server for the update (will probably say something about github inside). If that is the case, don’t worry about it - I will handle these better in future versions. We try pulling for the update on an interval, so if it doesn’t come up again, it may be downloading the new version. It all happens in the background and then you will get a notification when it’s done and ready. Let me know if you never get this notification and it does not update.

Sorry, but currently you can not import beans - it’s planned for the future though.

Here is the file in question…

I just upgraded yesterday after my day of roasting. Not being able to import the bean info is not good.
…I probably would not have upgraded until this was available. Looking at my roast imports, they all say “Unknown” under Bean Name. Does that mean there is no reference to the beans of all previous roasts?

Also, Actually, I don’t see a place to enter the bean info. Can you advise where the bean details are added?