Power Control Board Failure?

Just picked up my R1 from the warehouse 3 days ago. I was in the middle of my 4th seasoning roast late this afternoon when there was a loud pop and the roaster completely shut down and stopped functioning. At the time, R1 was cruising through [email protected] but since I was running the Mac Beta I don’t have log info (I don’t think). I’ve checked the fuse near the drum motor and it is fine. This appears to be a PCB issue but this is not covered in the manual.

I’m a new R1 owner but I have been roasting on a Probat P5. I am tempted to return this $2800 paperweight, but am interested in hearing what customer service says. Please advise.


Just checking, but did you contact customer service through Aillio as well as posting here? I’m sure they will take care of this.

I emailed Support on Jun 11th.

The release notes for RoastTime version mentioned support for control board v3. I will make a leap and suggest there is a new third generation PCB going out with new roasters, you have that board, and there is a quality control issue with the board.

You must be Jonathan Baran, who posted the same story, catastrophic failure on 4th seasoning roast, in the Aillio Bullet R1 User Group on Facebook. You wrote there that you contacted Aillio and also Sweet Maria’s about the issue. I believe the primary support for Bullets purchased through Sweet Maria’s is through them. This sounds like an open and shut RMA, they should pay for return shipping to Oakland, send you another one, and they can deal on their end with getting a replacement from Aillio in Taiwan. That’s the advantage of working with a local distributor.

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Aillio is shipping the part out to SM and SM replaced it with a new roaster.

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What do you think of the roaster compared to the Probat? Is everything working fine now?
Thanks in advance.