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Hi all, I’m on a bullet that was upgraded to V2 boards and IBTS in the last year. I’m now experiencing random times when the the bullet’s power goes to 0, and it won’t recover until I kill power to the unit and restart. This happened yesterday again, except killing the power and rebooting would not reset the issue. I’ve filled out a ticket with Aillio on Friday, but haven’t got a response yet. I’ve read some posts about a heat sensor on the board. Anyone else here managed to overcome this issue? I have the current RoastTime and firmware (558), but haven’t tried the current beta firmware yet. Thoughts?

I have the same issue as do others who post here. Like your Bullet, mine was upgraded to V2 but was originally delivered with IBTS (V1.5). I’ve had fewer occurrences since upgrading the power board to V2, plus in my case the alarm + P->0 most often happens during Preheat… so I’ve only lost a roast a couple times.

I’ve used the newer f/w 562 for many months (since Nov 2020?). I don’t know that it will necessarily improve this particular issue, but I’m pretty confident it isn’t going to make things worse.

Just to confirm RT3 version… you’re using RT v/3.1.2?

If you do a particularly long Preheat as I do, there can be a problem with the timer on the power board timing out at 60 min and setting power to 0. Since you’re in the roast when it happens it doesn’t sound like that’s an issue unless there was a possible problem with resetting that timer in f/w 558… dunno.


HI Bruce, Yes, I’m on 3.1.2 for RaostTime. I usually preheat for around 30-40 min to try and avoid the 60min-ish issue (I’ve experienced that before as well)

Copy paste the log from RT in the info panel and send here or to aillio support. That should explain what is happening.

I have experienced this when the power cord is slightly loose.

I just did a couple of roasts after RT upgraded to the latest subversion. In the middle of my 3rd roast, my bullet V1 with IBTS started making a strange noise and power immediately dropped to zero. Interestingly, none of the roasts since the software upgrade show in the log. Is there an easy way to roll back to the previous RT subversion?

Take a look at the Info panel when in a roast and note the IGBT value(s). Dropping power back to P0 can be due to overheating on the induction board…also note whether the red LED on the power board is flashing when this happens and how many flashes if so…

I’ve had the P0 issue from time to time. I think it’s a heat build up issue and connected to fan speed. I usually do 3 B2B roasts of 1 KG each and the P0 hits me when doing naturals and in the second or third roast. As a way to avoid it, I compensate for some residue in the chaff filter after the first roast by increasing the F by 1. So, on my 2nd and 3rd roast F2 becomes F3 and so on. This has helped me avoid the P0 error significantly. Meanwhile, as suggested by @bab I vacuum the bean inlet and the air vent below the front door between each roast. I also religiously do a cleanup of the face plate, the IBTS and bean sensor every 10KGs and a deep clean every 30KGs. In the last few months, in the 100KG+ roasts I have done, I have encountered the P0 error once. It was quite frequent earlier.

This might be the clue: if the bail/handle on the chaff filter was protruding a little. In that instance the bail can contact the impeller of the exhaust fan and stop or at least drastically slow exhaust fan speed causing a fault. Exhaust fan speed is one of several parameters monitored by the f/w mid-roast and will cause power -> P0. The error should show up in the Info panels Logs tab though you will need help from Support to interpret the code.


That has nothing to do with the RT version. A noise is a mechanical issue.

This was not a mechanical sound is, or a scraping sound. This was more like the fan went into overdrive, very loud and power to zero. I am not convinced it was RT upgrade but thought I would include that piece of info in case there could be a piece of code that interfered. I am going to try roasting again this week and if it occurs again, maybe this time the log will record it (the log did not record any of the 4 roasts that day). Bruce and Jacob, I will check to make sure it is not a mechanical thing but if is was, the other roasts shoud have shown symptoms. I should also mention that I clean out the chaff filter after every roast session and the handle was not protruding…but I do appreciate the problems that that could cause.

thanks for the input…greatly appreciated.

Just guess-work on my part but I think you really need to start a Trouble Ticket ( -> Aillio.com -> Contact -> fill out the form). From what you describe I’d be very surprised if there were no Logs entries and you need Support to help with that. I don’t recall an error code/fault that involves raising the speed of the exhaust fan, but… ??


Just a thought… maybe setup your smart device to video record your roasting session and send it in if the problem occurs? :slight_smile:

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Got a P0 error this evening. Managed to copy the error log:

17 - 0

Have sent it to Allio Support for deciphering the same…

I have a first generation Bullet and the same thing happened to me at 2.54 minutes. From P7, a single beep and then it dropped to P0. Roast time had just updated. This was today, 6/15. Clearly, not an optimal situation.

Hmmm… While I am reading all this it comes to my mind that it is an issue which has to do something with safety… that can be the reason for P0 and max fan speed. Does the power outlet in use have the right voltage?

I believe in the past, @jacob had indicated the “drop to P0” is a function of one of the power board sensors tripping a temperature limit. Could be caused by poor ventilation/airflow/hot air circulating under the roaster (so don’t let your cooling tray vent straight under there) or a later revision of firmware (not RT) increasing some of those trip values.

The max fan speed change was (again according to Jacob) as a result of the newest cooling fan models drawing more power so the overall power limit had to be maintained by lowering the maximum for the main fan speed, losing three extra settings. Again, that’s a firmware not RT change. And unfortunatley I got hit with that even though I don’t use the stock cooling tray at all. And even if I did. it’s the older one. So I lost three fan speeds as collateral damage…