Power Settings


If you were to set the power settings with an empty drum is there a range of temperatures for each number of the 9 settings. What do the numbers represent in temperature? I realize when you add beans to the drum the temps relate to the amount of beans in the drum. It’s like I’m blindly adjusting the power settings.


I’ll try to answer the question but I have a hunch you aren’t going to like the answer.

P-numbers don’t represent a temperature setting. P-numbers represent a power level. Any temperature change in the drum is determined by the balance between thermal loads in terms of current drum temp, losses to the air moving thru the drum by the fan, and (once the drum is charged) the current bean temperature. Ambient air temp also affects it as does humidity.

Once you start roasting, the only thing keeping the drum from melting is the operator (controlling power level and fan speed) and the firmware. There are fail safes built in if drum temp gets too high. F/W tracks Bean Temp and will shut down the power above 385°F (?) unless you respond to an alarm and press the button on the control panel described in the manual- the “dead man switch”. The exception to the auto-shutdown is the Preheat mode…

The only temperature control the Bullet does happens when you Preheat the drum. There is active adjustment of power in order to reach the selected value. Once you charge the beans, you become the temperature control unit- you set the power, fan- and drum-speed to manage Bean Temp and ‘Temp Derivative’ (the scale on the right side; also called Rate of Rise) in order to drive the beans to the right temperature for the roast. The charts in RoasTime help you do all this.