Power Switch

Is anyone else using something safe to switch on the power to the Bullet instead of having to unplug it in order to turn it off? Thanks

I have an outlet like this I use sometimes.

(edit: maybe that picture not exactly the same thing. The one I have, the switch controls the outlet. 15Amp)

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Hi Damon,

I was going to go that route, but my washing machine uses this outlet, so although it would be very effective for just the roaster alone, it presents the same issue of having to unplug things. Right now, it’s a dual 20amp outlet.

I use a heavy duty power strip rated for running tools/equipment/etc. I haven’t any problems with it in the 20 lbs I’ve roasted so far.


No problem here, I have to put the extension cord away when I’m done so i don’t trip over it.

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Did a ton of research and ended up with this. Built like a tank with 14AWG wire and metal case etc.

that looks perfect

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So far, so good. I really think it’s a good match. Was about $23 on Amazon

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