Power to Zero Early Into Roast

About 4 minutes into a roast yesterday I heard a beep, the red led on the power board went out and Power went from 8 to 0. The drum and fan continued to operate. I pressed the PRS button back to roast, set P to 8 and finished the roast normally. Ambient temp was about 70 F.
The error log showed:
Error 32769
Error 32769: 1280
Error 18
Aillio suggested that could be the input voltage suddenly dropped to below 60V and triggered the low voltage warning, or there’s an issue on the Induction Module.
They suggested I update the firmware to the latest V605 first. I’ve been running FW 562 for almost 3 years without any problems and am hesitant to change. My experience with firmware upgrades ends up in disaster but I hate to ask for advice and not follow it.
Any thoughts?

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I had similar situation happen to me once (haven’t had it happen since), and I just hit the P to set it back up where I want it which seemed to work and I managed to finish the roast.

I’m with you about f/w upgrades. I’ve been on FW 562 since I got my Bullet and have been hesitant to upgrade given all the problems folks had (it’s a rabbit hole). When I met @jacob at the SCA event in Boston in April, he said if it is working for me there is no need to update the FW. On the flip side I also wonder what features I might be missing out. I think in one of the recent updates the threshold for temp warnings is higher which might work better for those of us who roast 1kg using higher temps. I might hold out until RT4 to see if f/w upgrades will be more stable.

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Thanks for the feedback. I’ll be roasting again in a couple of days and I think I’ll just wait and see if this problem rears its ugly head again.,

To offer a contrasting view on FW upgrades, I don’t think I’ve had any problems upgrading since at least 562, and possibly a few versions before that. Clearly others on the board have run into issues, but things have been stable for me for quite a while now.

Early on with my 1.5 bullet (upgraded to v2 this winter) I did have to do the bootloader jumper trick, on two occasions IIRC.

Thanks for your feedback John. Typical human nature, we tend to forget things that go smoothly and only remember the disasters. I once updated an iPad and had to take it into an Apple store in order to get it to boot up again. Before working on it I was advised that they may not be able to fix the problem. Luckily they got it working again. The old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it” comes to mind.