Pre Heat issues with V605?

Anyone had issues with PH stopping after initial heat raise?

First roast worked fine, went F1 to go Bac and PH started but then just stops heating and temp continues to decline. Exit all functions and try to start PH manually, nothing. Went to Cool mode and F1 to go back to Bac and it resumed. 2nd bac roast had to upgrade to get it to work. Has now happened on 3 bac roasts using F1??

looks like it gets to about 258 -275 C and then starts to decline. Only solution so far is switch off Bullet, close RT, unplug power & data. Turn on Bullet, start RT, plug in data reset PH temp and PRS to PH mode.

How long are you preheating for?
Can you pls send us a screen shot of the preheating phase from RT?

Thanks Jacob, I deleted all the failed PH phases as there was no rhyme or reason. I was in Back to Back mode and PH worked up until about 258-275 and then temp started to decline. I was aiming for a 295 PH. Time from setting F1 for B2B to temp decline was about 10 minutes or so. Then it would take me another 10-15 to reset machine and software to get PH working again, by which time temp usually dropped to 140-160.

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Did you check the Info->Logs to see if there was an error code? I’m wondering if there was a power board issue e.g. IGBT over-temp. The error codes were saved to the server and are recoverable by Support.

Another question: did you use the PRS icon in RT3 to launch the 2nd Preheat? or did you use the PRS button on the control panel? My routine is to use the control panel (just out of habit) and I’ve not had an issue such as you describe.

And one more- did you see PH on the control panel when you launched the b-2-b


No error codes and I was using the PRS button on the bullet control panel, not the software version.
I used the F1 function to go into B2B and it started the PH function, but once it gets to around 258-275 C, it just started to decline in temp, no sounds, no alarms, no display.

It would only resume after resetting RT software, turning bullet off and disconnecting then reconnecting all cables.

If you can tell me the serial no, and when this happened then I can try to check the logs

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Answered in our message thread, the addition of the little fan worked as you suspected.

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So is this a replacement part under warranty or is there another fix?

I am checking with support how they normally handle this.

any answers yet?

Sorry for the late reply.
Support said it depends on where you bought your bullet and what kind of servicing is available. If you can please reach out to them and include our conversation then they can find a solution.

Okay, so most likely I will need to replace fan sensor?

I think I may be having the same issue you do.
Can you summarize the solution from side chats and support?

What I am seeing is that the pre-heat gets to a certain temperature and then spends too much time on P0 to continue warming up to where I want.

In frustration I charge with a small sacrificial roast, and actually have found that my decaf beans work in this situation since they roast differently.
Then after this completed I can go back to back for other beans and I am starting with a properly heated setup.

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If you are able to roast B2B then that is different to my issue. First roast worked fine then PJ for every subsequent roast would not go past 270°C.

Aillio suggested I point a small fan at control board under from to see if that solves issue (see link to message with pics) with thermal sensor. It did and now I am pursuing a warranty fix through Australian importer.

I guess I did misunderstand, I can complete roasts it is just the preheating function doesn’t do what it is supposed to.
So if I force it into charge mode and add beans it operates fine, but pre-heat just steady decline in between roasts, and the initial pre-heat is tortoisal speed.

Try pointing a fan at the control board under the drum and see if that helps. Do you exhaust cooling tray into 2 into 1 with main exhaust? I suspect this may have been contributing to the problem I experienced.

It definitely sounds like the temp sensor chip, as PH temp issue is same

I had a look at your logs, and sometimes the preheat temperature is set to 100C - then it is sure to stop heating if it is above that.
Please check your PH temp and let me know if it happens again. I did not see any errors. Also make sure that the PH setting is not changed by a playback or recipe.

What jacob said above, and also, the temperature is reached much before the machine is preheated. For example, if I’m preheating to 230, it will reach that in say 8 minutes, and go to P0 or at times P1, but it will tell you to charge after 17-18 minutes. I always leave it for at least 25 for preheats up to 250, and 30 minutes for higher temps. I’m talking about the first roast. Once you’ve done one, you can charge the others when the machine tells you.