Preheat for Costa Rica

Hi all, first post here.
I got like 10 different coffees with my Bullet, and often want to look at existing recipes. Today for 333 g of Costa Rican La Perla.
I struggle to find so many rost curves and recepies here. More in the FB-group. Is that the case?
Well, I go for 225°C

Hi coffee_25
There are huge numbers of recipes, but not in the forum, you have to use RoastWorld’s Beans>Discover function. Unfortunately they are not well organised and there is no way to tell if a roast was terrible or fantastic… only IF the creator writes a not of the result in their opinion…

Have a look HERE
This goes to your Beans>Discover where you can search for terms like Costa Rica or La Perla and see what you can find. There are some very good, experienced people there, but it’s impossible to know who is who… it may be worth looking at the roasts of Bradm… he is experienced and his recipes have helped me. Click HERE to see Bradm’s stuff…


Haha, in my case “more experienced” just means I’ve failed more times.

For 325g batches I like 210C as a baseline preheat temperature. A bit cooler, say 200C, for longer dark roasts, and a bit hotter for quick light roasts of Ethiopians. Beware that I only roast one batch per session, so always start with a cold roaster and always preheat 325g batches for exactly 15 minutes.

Hope this is helpful…

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Thanks Mark & bradm, that’s really helpful!
The 225°C seems to have turned out pretty well. No scorching but a small crash after 1C. (don’t know why I can’t see the IBTS ROR, only the classic BT ROR).

The webpage structure for, takes a while to get used to…

The IBTS ROR is only available when viewing your graph on RoasTime, not RoastWorld… I have greyed my regular probe sensor graphs to make the IBTS lines stand out, as I am only interested in them anyway.

haa haa, way too humble :wink: - though probably true as well!