Preheat not going past 110

I just got the new bullet with new sensor upgrade. I’ll set preheat to 160 or 170 for the drum and the bean temp only gets to 110 degrees so it never gets close to the preheat setting. this has gone for over 45 min. and some longer. When I manually “charge” at 160 drum and 110 bean I’m always 20 degrees difference with the drum and bean temp? the bean temp never passes the drum temp. I even trying setting the preheat higher but there is allows a 50 degree difference at the preheat stage. any idea? I’m in a controlled air place and its not too cold. I live in Florida so i dont think its the outdoor environment. sorry very new and i feel i did everything in the setup manual correctly.

It is all in the manual. Your new model require a much higher seasoning PH temperature: 230C

Good luck!

My PH only going up to 205C I can’t preheat any higher?

Then, perhaps you have not yet updated the firmware?

up to date I selected stable release 448. trying to think what else it could be…Is the a rebot or reinstall option?

I just switch it to beta release and now I got 230C. I thought I did that!?

Success! thank you guys. More detail to literature.