Preheat skips charge, goes right to roasting

I have a new Bullet V2 and it seems like every time it reaches the preheat temperature, it says and shows “Charge” but then immediately moves to “Roasting” (before I’ve added any coffee.)

The machine has been seasoned and has had about 20 production roasts at 800g each.

Chaff collector is regularly cleaned. Is there another piece of maintenance I am overlooking that could be causing the “charge” state to be skipped over?

Do you have an exhaust fan pulling air out and do you keep the rubber cap on the bean chute?

No exhaust fan attached, and yes the chute plug is in place. (I wait for “charge” before swapping the funnel.)


Hm, that’s odd. I think it’s triggered by a change in temperature of the bean temp probe. Maybe there’s something on that probe?

I just looked at a couple of your roast profiles and I think there’s a weird bump in IBTS reading that precedes charging the beans… it’s like IBTS sees a sharp drop in IR emissions then it recovers followed by another drop when the beans are added. And it’s not the same each time. I don’t see anything like that before charging the beans on my roaster. You might want to start a trouble ticket and get some feedback from Aillio support ( → Contact → Tech Support).


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I posted this on the FB group, but wanted to add here in case it helps anyone. Also, what RT version are you using? This was a known issue in some cases as late as v2.5.6 stable, but not sure of it’s resolved in v3 onward.

“Do you have a background profile or play ack loaded while preheating? That can trigger the roast to start once it is at target temp. I recommend waiting to load any background or playback after you are sufficiently warmed up and ready to roast.”


@andrewcoecoffee great point, I’ve been on 2.5.5 stable for macOS but just installed RT3 and will see how the next batches go!